Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 6.14.40 PMVolunteers Needed

Exciting news! Project Mickey, our Baltimore City Public School afterschool program is back this fall, and we need volunteers to work with the kids! Many of the lessons include therapy dogs in the classroom, and the kids learn about dogs (including lots about pit bulls), cats, abuse, dogfighting, homeless pets, training, safety and advocacy. We need folks to help facilitate lessons along side the program psychologist and trainer, hang out with the kids. No experience needed, simply must like dogs and kids, and help to make it fun! See below for info on how to help.

We are also looking for certified therapy dogs for Tuesdays, any breed, any size! If you have a certified therapy dog and would like to participate, please email kate@jasmineshouse.org for more information.

Two Steps to Volunteer

This fall, there are classes on Tuesday and Friday afternoons, in two different schools, from October to early December.
The schedule information is here – click Classroom Volunteer under either school location for dates and times.

1. Baltimore City Public Schools registration:

  • First, fill out the registration form online here.
  • Then, head to Baltimore City Public Schools North Avenue headquarters at 200 E. North Avenue. Go in the front door and ask where volunteers go to be fingerprinted, they’ll tell you what room it is. You will need to show ID and sign in when entering the building.

2. Scheduling your dates:

  • First fill out the application here.
  • It takes about a day for us to receive the app and set your volunteer status as active, but once we’ve done that you can log in and schedule yourself for dates by logging in here. Once you’re signed in, click my schedule, then click any of the Help Needed icons to add yourself to the schedule.