Mickey’s Story

On Nov 22, 2011, Mickey passed away during surgery after having been starved and thrown from a car, all before she was even 9 weeks old. This program is dedicated to every dog like Mickey – the ones that suffer and leave us before we’re able to make it up to them.

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Here’s Mickey’s story:

Mickey was an 8 week old puppy who was dropped off at BARCS on Nov 17, 2011 by a good samaritan after he witnessed her being thrown from a car. Jasmine’s House picked her up from the shelter about three hours later and took her immediately to an Emergency Animal Hospital as she was in really terrible shape. She was unable to walk on her own and was extremely malnourished, with urine scald on her pads from sitting in her own urine for weeks, immobile.  Her white coat was stained yellow; she was literally groaning in pain with every breath. She had a moderate case of pneumonia and bite wounds on her left forelimb that had caused severe cellulitis – it took over her entire leg.

After two days of fluids, antibiotics, mild pain medication and a calorie-intense supplement to help her body gain some strength, she began to eat chicken and drink water again. Her pain and the pneumonia began to subside, and she even took a few steps with her little wrapped leg – her spirits were clearly rising. At the same time, however, her toes and the area around the pads on the injured leg began to die. Her foot was omitting a terrible odor around the dark purple and black skin, and ultimately we were forced to make the decision to amputate her leg.

The morning Mickey left for her surgery, just five days after she entered our lives, she was happy, hobbling around and even wagging her tail. But her little body didn’t make it through; she passed away as the last stitch was being placed in her leg. Her light shines on through this program, in the face of every child we have the honor of working with.